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2021-22 Travel Tryouts

Hockey Families:

We are happy to announce travel tryouts dates and times!

Do to the timeline set by the Arizona Youth Hockey league (AZYHL) we will be participating in, tryouts will be a little earlier this year. Below are the dates and times:

Sunday 7/25:
5:15-6:15pm - U16
6:30-7:30pm - U18

Monday 7/26:
8:30-9:30am - U10
9:45-10:45am - U12
11:00am-12:00pm - U13
12:15-1:15pm - U14
5:15-6:15pm - U16
6:30-7:30pm - U18

Tuesday 7/27:
8:30-9:30am - U12
9:45-10:45am - U13
11:00am-12:00pm - U14

If you have a conflict please reach out to NMIce President, Jeff Thompson 505-717-6151

Thank you,



Dear NM Ice Families,

As the 2020-21 hockey season comes close to an end, we wanted to take a minute to update you on some changes we are committed to for next season.  As in past seasons, NM Ice will offer house hockey programs for every age group and travel teams at the squirt, peewee, bantam, U16 and now U18 levels.

With the tremendous progress we have made in our NM Ice hockey program over the last several years due to having high level coaches, an increased amount of ice time and opportunities that arise from our relationship with the NAHL NM Ice Wolves, we are poised to take a big step in the evolution of our program starting next season.

For our players with 2003-4 and 2005-6 birth years, NM Ice plans to create composite teams at the AA level for the first time in our history.  Those teams will participate in the NAHL’s PHL Showcase division which means they will participate in at least 3 showcase tournaments during the season where scouts and coaches from NAHL, NA3HL teams and other leagues are in attendance to watch the teams and help them find future opportunities for individual advancement.  Both teams would also be in a position to schedule home and home series, travel to other AA tournaments and have significantly more game opportunities.

In order to have the depth required to be competitive at the AA level, both U16 and U18 will be composite teams from across the state and surrounding communities such as Durango and Telluride, as examples.  The teams will be created after a tryout camp that will be scheduled later in the year once the NM health orders allow for more flexibility.

At the same overlapping age levels, the “high school” teams in the area have enjoyed tremendous league play over the years with many travel opportunities between Albuquerque, Taos, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, El Paso, Amarillo and more. Starting next season, NM Ice will be treating its varsity and junior varsity teams more like traditional travel teams in terms of ice time and coaching.  Our hope and expectation are to be able to help bring the HS teams more into the NM Ice fold and to be able to provide a high school age experience consistent with what the players and families have come to expect from their squirt, peewee and bantam years while continuing to participate in the same league with the historical opponents.

Please feel free to share this with other families from the region with 2003-2006 birth year players and stay tuned to your email and the NM Ice and Outpost Ice Arenas websites and social media for more information.

With regard to next season’s bantam team (2007 and 2008 birth years) NM Ice is committed to also trying to create a team that can be competitive at the AA level and participate in the same PHL Showcase division as U16 and U18.  NM Ice believes that we have enough depth among New Mexico players to be able to have an AA team without the same need for a composite group of players that we’ll need with U16 and U18.  Additionally, NM Ice should be able to again have a second travel bantam team that would compete at the A or B level, as appropriate. 

As we continue to provide more and greater hockey opportunities for players of every age, ability and interest, we are fortunate to be associated with the Outpost Ice Arenas and the New Mexico Ice Wolves.  While not possible this season for obvious reasons, NM Ice Wolves NAHL players will help by bringing their enthusiasm and skills to our youth teams’ practices with a fun approach that should connect with all of our players.  We will also build on our ability to provide the most ice time of almost any youth hockey program anywhere and we will begin to introduce all of our players to the fun of off-ice training with some access to the NM Ice Wolves Hockey Speed Gym. At the older and higher levels, regular sessions in the Speed Gym will be part of the team practices throughout the season.

More information on all teams will be available as the state is able to be more open, but we wanted to share this information so that players and families can begin to think about and plan for next season.  Please feel free to reach out to any of us with questions of any kind in the meantime.

Jeff Thompson – president NM Ice

Stan Hubbard – head travel coach

Ben Danford – NM Ice coach and Outpost director of hockey

Kyle Follmer – NM Ice coach and Outpost hockey coach

NMIce Families:

Due to current state guidelines and restriction NMIce has no choice other than to continue to be on pause. We are cancelling the auto-withdrawal for December payments and your November payment amount will be credited towards future ice time once we are able to get back on the ice with our teams. We will wait to give out refunds depending on what happens with the rest of the season. We are hoping to make up all missed on-ice opportunities by expanding the season past February or if possible any long weekends we would normally not have practices.

 Also, if you are looking for ice time check the Outpost website ( for opportunities to get your players back on the ice and training off ice that are within the state’s new guidelines.  Those Outpost opportunities are separate from NM Ice, but know that NM Ice is committed to getting our teams back on the ice together as soon as the rules allow.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this uncertain time.


Hockey Families: 


Though NM Ice is committed to having as normal a hockey season as possible for every level of our house teams, realistically there is more unknown than there is known at this point. Accordingly, decisions on how the season will be organized may not be made until we know what restrictions the governor will lift over the next the next few weeks and what guidance she gives us for the weeks and months following. We will watch all developments closely and be prepared to adjust plans as required. We are planning to start the 2020-21 season on October 5th. Below you will find the link to the registration and the schedule and cost for each division.


Mini Mites (U06) Wednesdays 5:15pm & Sundays 11:30am - $355

Mites (U08) Wednesdays 5:15pm & Sundays 11:30am - $420

Squirts (U10) Tuesdays 5:15pm& Saturdays 1:15pm - $530

Peewee (U12) Mondays 7:15pm& Saturdays 2:45pm - $555

Bantam (U14) Practicing with High School at the moment - $555

High School JV/Varsity Tuesdays 4:30pm & Thursdays 4:30pm & Sundays 7:45am & 9:30am - $710 

**Please note the schedule can be changed to best fit the needs of the Outpost as the state restrictions change and allow more opportunities to add different types of programs to their schedule. Notice will be given at the earliest available.


New this season - every family will pay a $100 fundraising fee and receive 5 raffle tickets to sell. You can sell them and recoop your money or just fill them out and return them. I will give your team manager an envelope full of tickets for each family. If a family has more than 1 athlete they will go to the the oldest athletes team manger to hand out. The $100 per family registration will be added to your initial payment.


We all have more questions than answers at the moment and we’re certain many of you will have lots of questions, too.  Feel free to find any one of our Board Member or reach out to us privately with any questions or suggestions you have.  Let’s all work together to make sure our kids have a great hockey season and know that every coach and NM Ice officer is fully committed to that clear objective.


Click here to register for House


Please check out the COVID information for the Outpost below. 



Attention House Teams, information related to COVID to remember when at the Outpost:

· All state an local health and safety guidelines and Outpost Ice Arenas protocols must be adhered to by all athletes and parents/guardians

· Cloth face coverings will be required in the arena, in the locker rooms and on the ice. Coaches will ask athletes to adjust their masks if needed, so please make sure your athlete has a properly fitting cloth face covering that can properly cover mouth and nose throughout the sessions

· Coaches will not be providing water bottles for athletes to share.  Any athlete that wants water available must bring their own water bottle

· Coaches will remind athletes to maintain appropriate distances, but we ask everyone to please remind their athletes to respect distances throughout the arenas and especially in locker rooms, on the benches and on the ice

· Outpost has large locker rooms, but we ask athletes to dress as much as possible at home so that time in the locker room is limited.  Please don’t spend more time in the locker room than is required.  When practices are complete, athletes will expedite dressing and clear the locker rooms as quickly as possible. 

·  If your child becomes sick with COVID-19, notify the NM Department of Health so they can implement contact tracing.Your child cannot return until they have met CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation.  


· Please take time to read New Mexico's COVID safe practices found at this link and updated periodically. We'll also be posting the link to the NMICE Home page:

·       In addition, here are some additional reminders when at the arenas:



  • All staff have been tested for COVID-19.
  • All staff are required to have touchless body temperature readings and submit to a self-administered health check screening when arriving at the Outpost.
  • In accordance with state orders, all staff are required to wear face coverings while in any part of our facility including locker rooms.
  • We have added numerous hand sanitizer stations that are clearly marked and near common entrance and exit areas.
  • In addition to previously existing and established cleaning requirements and regimens, significant enhancements have been made to cleaning and disinfecting processes and schedules. At a minimum, all common areas are cleaned and disinfected immediately following all events and prior to the start of subsequent events.
  • Locker rooms and connected rest rooms are disinfected after each use.
  • We are limiting the total number of people (including staff) allowed into the Outpost below the capacity limits mandated by the state health orders
  • In accordance with state orders locker room showers are not available for use at this time and will be locked off.



  • Please adhere to all policies, procedures and requirements while enjoying your events.
  • We ask parents and chaperones to follow all state and Outpost guidelines and specifically to wear a face covering, respect social distances, and avoid group gatherings while watching your child participate.
  • All athletes and others will submit to a self-administered health screening questionnaire and no-touch temperature check upon entry to any part of the Outpost athletic facilities. Anyone showing signs of illness, high temperature or able to answer yes to any of the questions on the health self-test will be politely asked not to enter and to seek medical care as needed.
  • Everyone MUST check-in at the front counter in order for an accurate occupancy count and collection of contact tracing information.
  • Everyone must adhere to the state-ordered social distancing guidelines and adhere to COVID-19 hygiene and respiratory etiquette during all camp sessions. Wash and disinfect your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
  • Please check the Outpost website for arena updates:




Thank you to everyone who participated in our Travel Tryout Camp!

Congratulations to the following athletes:

U16 A

Travis Arguello
Stryder Ball
Evan Barrios
Cal Brock
Cole Davis
James Fichtner
Jack Glover
Alex Gopal
Stanley Hubbard
Shae Jakaboski
Evan Lovette
Hawk Luciano
Ty Minton
Collin Mohr
Henry Taliaferro
Damian Welch
Jake Wenner
Erik Werkhoven

U12 Peewee A/AA

Declan Bayne
Jackson Briggs
Arden Estes
John Foster
Mason Ginn
Scotty Gose
Linden Groves
Leyton Holbrook
Connor Hubbard
Xeleah Humelsine
Joseph Huseman
Grant Jakaboski
Patrick Marlin
Axel Schneider
Angus Smith
Levi Smith
Andy Thompson

U14 Bantam A/AA

Logan Arguello
Hunter Bauer
Jesse Cloud
Logan Coulombe
Diego Diaz
Aiden Garner
Connor Glover
Julian Gopal
Brady Holbrook
Ainsley Jakaboski
Izzy Lavalle
Ian Mohr
Enzo Ramazzini
Aidan Relyea
John Sanchez
Oscar Schneider
Tristan Spranger
JT Zink

U12 Peewee B

Vincent Baker
Brooks Mikesh-Barr
Dean Bunch
Patrick Cannella
Dylan Chandler
Ethan Glenn
Warren Graham
Brayden Johnson
Brayden Jones Ibarra
Jacob Maestas
Cecelia Pietryga
Dylan Shandler
Matthew Taliaferro
Tristan Turner
Lila Wagner

U14 Bantam B

John Ahlgrim
Jaxson Baca
Nic Benedetto
Owen Black
Matthew Deeds
Owen Dunn
Davis Flint
Roland Gerencer
Will Lazar
Marcos Martinez
Thayer Nitz
Shane Onken
Jackson Percival
Tyron Pietryga
Trevor Runck
Noah Shandler
Brianna Shay
Owen Taylor

U10 Squirt A

Liam Baker
Arias Ball
Ivan Daroshka
Will Flint
Iris Groves
Henry Jakaboski
Joe Lazar
Matt Lazar
Lila Martinez
Thomas Rice
Logan Sipes
Nathan Taylor
Dominic Vicara
Will Vrabec
Chris Woodward

NMIce Families:


Please join us for Travel Tryout Camp! Though the season structure and dates remain uncertain due to COVID-19 and ever changing state mandates and safety guidelines, this camp is your athlete’s opportunity to be assessed for a spot on one of our travel teams. 

Camp will have 5:1 athlete/coach ratio per NM Guidelines for youth camps. Bantams and U16 will be no check. Peewees and Squirts are always no check.


Cost: $40

All athletes MUST register & pay online HERE



Sunday, August 23 - U16 A/AA 6:00 - 7:00pm

Monday, August 24 - Squirts A 6:00 - 7:00pm & U16 A/AA 7:45 - 8:45pm

Tuesday, August 25 - Peewees A/AA, Peewee B 5:45 - 6:45pm & Bantams A/AA, Bantam B 7:30 - 8:30pm

Wednesday, August 26 - Peewees A/AA, Peewee B 6:15 - 7:15 & Bantams A/AA, Bantam B 7:45 - 8:45pm


Please keep in mind that all athletes and patrons must comply with Outpost policies and procedures when in the arenas. At present, this includes the requirement for everyone to wear face coverings including athletes on the ice.


Thank you,


Are you looking for individual or group skating lessons? 
Check out our Travel coaches who offer sessions!

 *Coach Kyle Follmer
Please contact him if you’re interested:
651-431-1013 or  

*Coach Ben Danford
Please contact him to set up a session:
651-343-1640 or

*Or Ice Wolves Assistant Coach, Jared Brown
913-626-1188 or
Contact for prices and availability 




NMICE Gets More Recognition from USA Hockey!

Were back in the news!  Check-out this follow-up article about our Try Hockey event.



Click to visit their website!

New Mexico Ice Hockey Foundation

New Mexico Ice Hockey Foundation (NMICE) is a non-profit youth hockey organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors that offer youth hockey for a variety of age groups ranging from Mites (6 and under) up through including High School and competitive travel teams.
Our office is located in the Outpost Ice Arena at 9530 Tramway Blvd Northeast in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  more info

Jeff Thompson

New Mexico Ice Hockey Foundation President

Phone: 505-717-6151

Kara Fichtner

New Mexico Ice Hockey Foundation Registrar

Phone: 505-250-3371

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Gold status

NMICE has successfully achieved Gold Status in the 2016-17 USAH "2 and 2 Challenge".  Congratulations on your success and thank you for your continued commitment to driving youth hockey growth at the 8U level.

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